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The Unspoken Word explores issues of Utah history, culture, religion, politics, and economics. If you have shows and topics you would like Steve to consider investigating and airing, please contact him at the 'Contact' link above. Questions and comments are always welcome. The shows below are listed in chronological order, and many contain information on the issues never before revealed or published. To scroll the topics without the descriptions, return to the homepage and select a topic from the list of discussions in the top right.

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D.B. COOPER - BYU Student?

Date: 2/4/2006

In 1971, the only unsolved skyjacking in U.S. History took place in the Pacific Northwest. A passenger by the name D.B. Cooper (or Dan Cooper), ransomed the passengers and crew of a Northwest Orient 727, and parachuted out the back of the plane with hundreds of thousands in ransom money, never to be found. Six months later, a BYU student named Richard Floyd McCoy did the same thing, and escaped with $500,000. The FBI had again had no leads, until McCoy was turned in by family and those he trusted. He was sentenced to 45 years for the second hijacking, and escaped from prision two years later, after which time he was again betrayed and turned in by those he trusted. He died in 1974 in shootout with the FBI. We interview the lead FBI agent investigating the case, plus two authors and a private investigator, in four separate shows on the subject. Special Agent Larry Carr is responsible for the FBI's dispatch posted on December 31, 2007 seeking information from the public. Both authors are former FBI agents involved in the case. Once believes McCoy was Cooper, the other believes he was not. Dan Dvorak is also interviewed below, a CPA from the Pacific Northwest, who has been investigating the skyjacking for years and who believes the FBI made some significant errors in their investigation. Please also find below an interview with Johnny Surles, a retired police office who arrested McCoy's accomplices.

NOTE: We tried to interview U.S. District Court Judge David Winder for the program, who defended Richard Floyd McCoy in the skyjacking trial before taking the bench. We posed this list of questions to him: HERE and got the response also shown. His health is declining in the sunset of an illustrious career. We would very much have liked to have gotten him on the historical record.


COLD FUSION: What Has Happened Since 1989?

Date: 2/4/2006

Cold fusion was widely thought to be a product of scientific fraud when announced by Professors Pons and Fleishman, of the University of Utah, in 1989, but new evidence may vindicate their claims.  Ed Storms, who worked in Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico for 34 years, comes on the program to talk about new research and developments in cold fusion.  Why one of the most embarassing experiments of the 20th century may be one of the most promising experiments of the 21st.  In 2004, the US Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center released findings from its own labs supporting cold fusion claims, and the US Patent and Trademark Office removed cold fusion from its incredibleutility list.  Cold fusion may provide an inexhaustible source of energy from water.

Listen to show by clicking HERE (streams quickly after short pause).

See Wired Magazine Article at:

See technical information on cold fusion at: 

KENNEWICK MAN: Controversial Archaeological Site

Date: 3/18/2006

We interview two scientists with differing views about Kennewick Man.  First up is Dr. David Hurst Thomas, curator of the Ancient History Museum in New York, and his book Skull Wars: Man, Archeology and the Battle for Native American Identity.  We discuss Kennewick Man, its impact on traditional theories about the settlement of the Americas, the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), and briefly discuss several other controversial discoveries like the Bat Creek Inscription and Kensington Runestone (see below for shows with more info on these finds).

Second up is Dr. James Chatters, the forensic anthropologist who was unearthed Kennewick Man and was the first scientist to examine him and who started the Kennewick Man controvery by announcing that Kennewick Man displayed caucasoid features.  He is also the author of several books on Kennewick Man.

Click HERE to hear the interview with David Hurst Thomas (streams after brief load delay).

Click HERE to hear the interview with James Chatters (streams after brief load delay).

Buy Dr. Thomas's book here:

JOSEPH SMITH: Bushman Interview

Date: 12/24/2005

Interview with best-selling author and University of Pennsylvania Professor Richard Lyman Bushman the day after Joseph Smith's 200th birthday.  His book, Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling is the best selling biography of Joseph Smith ever penned.  We ask him the hard questions. 

Listen to the Bushman interview HERE (streams quickly after short load).

Buy Professor Bushman's book, Jospeh Smith, Rough Stone Rolling, here:

Recent Show Transcript

ISLAM: Past and Future

Date: 3/4/2006

Is Islam a religion of peace?  We interview Robert Spencer, author of the New York Times' best-selling Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam.  We get real answers about Mohammed, the development of the Qu'ran, Islamic terrorism, the Crusades, and what the Qu'ran and modern Caliphate jurisprudence have to say about wife beating, criminal justice, and homosexuality.  Have American revisionists tried to convince us what's black is white?  We explore the question of how foundational the doctrine of jihad is to Islam?  We discuss the unconstitutionality of internment camps of Muslims if there were a nuclear attack on by Islamic extremists on U.S. soil, similar to the camps that held Japanese (and German) Americans in WWII.

Click HERE to hear the Robert Spencer interview (loads after brief delay).


EVOLUTION: Incontestable Under the Scientific Method?

Date: 8/15/2011
Here our interview with the author of the best-selling book, Forbidden Archaeology, by Michael Cremo.  Dr. Cremo discusses numerous archaeological sites which contradict traditional Darwinian notions of evolution, and why they are ignored by the archaeological community.  Here the interview HERE. Read the book here:


Date: 1/25/2006

We interviewed Allen Dale Roberts, co-author of the Pullitzer nominated book Salamander: the Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders.  The Hofmann forgeries and murders are among the most bizare crimes in Utah and American history.  Most authorities on the subject agree that Hofmann was the greatest forger caught.  He forged not just countless Mormon historical documents, but also Emily Dickinson poems (sold to a museum and included in her anthologies), the Oathe of the Freeman (nearly sold to the Library of Congress for $1.5 million), Egyptian Papyrus, coins, and currency.  He was in process of forging other lost documents of earth shattering importance to Utahns when caught, such as the lost 116 pages of the Book of Mormon.  We also interview Brent Ashworth, an attorney widely thought to be the target of Hofmann's third bomb, which detonated during transport in Hoffman's car and nearly killed him.

Listen to Interview with Allen Roberts HERE (streams quickly after short pause . . . recording is fuzzy for a few minutes, but improves.)

Listen to Interview with Brent Ashworth HERE (streams after 30 second loading delay). 

Purchase Salamander here:


Date: 2/4/2006
What is in store for Salt Lake City?  Is its economic outlook bright or dim?  Is the LDS Church doing things to help or hurt businesses downtown?  Is the LDS Church trying to change the demographics of SLC through their purchase of Crossroads and the TriAd Center to control the political climate of SLC?  Will West Valley City, closer to the airport, become the new business center of Utah in the coming century?  We interview Mayor Rocky Anderson, Former Mayor Nancy Workman, City Counsel Chairman Dale Lambert, and City Counsel Member Eric Jergensen on the issues.


For the Mayor Rocky Anderson interview click HERE (streaming audio after short pause).


For former Salt Lake County Mayor Nancy Workman click HERE.


For Counselman Eric Jergensen interview click HERE (streaming audio after short pause).


For Chairman Dale Lambert interview click HERE (streaming audio after short pause).


Are Utahans more gullible than other businessmen?  See:


Date: 2/14/2006

Click HERE to download the interview with Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.  Hear a comprehensive two hour discussion of Utah immigration law, including specifics about HB 144, HB 7, HB 179, state and federal jurisdiction, and the AG's personal and professional positions on the issue, including his recent speech (in Spanish) at Cinco de Mayo demonstrations over immigration. 

Click HERE to download the interview with Congressman Rob Bishop of the 1st U.S. Congressional District.  We ask him about the Sensenbrenner Bill, the 14th Amendment, a wall, Article IV of the Constitution, and eliminating filibusters.

Click HERE to download the Interview with Alex Segura of the Utah Minute Men.

Click HERE to hear clips from speeches from those advocating the Illegals' cause.

Click HERE to download facts and figures about illegal immigration (HTML).

Sanctuary Laws:


Date: 2/5/2006

James Randi, of the Randi Foundation, is on the air with us discussing the mental disorders that plauge most conspiracy theorists, who he believes fundamentally are indistinguishable from those believe in ESP and UFOs.  He is a famous magician and author, and friend of the late Carl Sagan.  You can glimpse him in numerous films and documentaries (i.e. Swarzenegger's Last Action Hero).  His foundation offers a $1 million reward to anyone who can prove under scientific conditions they possess extra-sensory powers.  In the four decades the reward has been available, nobody has ever claimed it, or even passed the initial tests, though hundreds have applied.  His applicants include those who believe they possess powers relating to telekenisis, telepathy, clairvoyance, astral projection, dowsing, and even bizarre concepts such as remote viewing in tin foil.  Visit Dr. Randi foundation at:, where you can see a list of all the applicants for his million dollar challenge and the powers they claim to have. 

Click HERE to hear the interview with Dr. James Randi (streams after brief delay).


Date: 2/5/2006
A Professor and University of Pennsylvania Ph.D, Dr. Daniel Rolph, comes on the program to discuss little known facts of ancient Utah history, and unexplainable archeological sites in the Western U.S.  Ute Indians believed their ancestors rode hairy elephants on Antelpole island in the Great Salt Lake, and mammoth bones have been found there.  A stone doll found in Idaho dates to 2 million years old.  Tombs in Mexico contain mummies wrapped in Mid-Eastern textiles, supporting pre-Columbian Jewish contact with the Americas. 


Click HERE to download the Dr. Daniel Rolph interview (streams after brief pause).


Our second show, scheduled for April '06, focuses on pre-Columbian contacts with American, including Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson, and their settlements in Greenland, Nova Scotia and possibly Boston.  We'll discuss Madoc, the Whales explorer from 1170 said by some to have landed in America, and numerous archeological sites proving Jewish contact.  


Date: 3/4/2006
We interview  Dr. John Sorenson, author of Pre-Columbian Contacts with Americas, the most comprehensive compendium of evidence that there was Old World contact with the Americas before Columbus.  We ask him about jewish coins found in Indian burial sites, the Bat Creek Inscription, Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson, the 12th century Whales explorer Madoc, Kennewick Man and others.


Click HERE for the John Sorenson interview.


For information on the Bat Creek Inscription, click, or click


For information about DNA tests on Native Americans as they relate to Utah beliefs:


For Mormon listeners interested in scientific studies of their relgious beliefs, visit:


Date: 3/25/2006

Utah is said to have over 1 trillion barrels of oil in the form of oil shale.  Will this shale, in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona, which constitutues 70% of all the oil shale in the world, save the U.S. and meet its energy needs in the future?  The Bureau of Land Management is giving out leases to energy companies that show themselves able to extract oil from this shale efficiently.  We interview Jim Kohler, a senior BLM administrator, about these deposits and what they mean for Utah's future.

Click HERE to hear the Jim Kohler interview (streams after breif loading delay).


Date: 4/19/2006

The Deseret Alphabet was a writing system used by the Mormons after arriving in Utah in 1847.  It was an alternative to the standard English system, and incorporated Hebrew, Latin and Syrian characters.  The Desert News (Utah's largest newspaper) was printed in the Deseret Alphabet for many years.  Many books were translated into the Deseret Alphabet, including the Book of Mormon, along with several others works.  The grave of John T. Morris in the Cedar City Cemetery is written in the Deseret Alphabet.  It was used on Mormon currency, including bills and coins, but finally abandoned in 1877 after Brigham Young died and English became the language of default.  It remains an historical oddity today.  In this show we interview Kevin Baugh, head of a separatist group near Reno, Nevada that still uses it (the Republic of Molassia, see below).

Click HERE for the interview with his 'Excellency" Kevin Baugh (loads after brief delay).


Date: 2/12/2006

Click below to hear Steve's political monologues on war, Islam, the UN, immigration, the Supreme Court, the media, and economics as they concern the State of Utah. 

Click here for Rinehart's show on Muslims, the UN and immigration. HERE (streams after brief loading delay).

Click here for the Fourth of July show.  American history discussed.  Should we change the national anthem?  Hear clips from various renditions of the Star-spangled banner and America the beautiful.  HERE (streams after brief loading delay).

Click here for Rinehart's show on Iran's Nuclear Program, the Hate Crimes bill recently passed by the Utah State Legislature (HB 90), the ACLU and more. HERE

Click here for Rinehart's show on the liberal media, Utah haters, and vegitarianism. HERE

Click here for Rinehart's show on pornography, Utah cops and criminal justice. HERE

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the speed of your connection, there may be a short loading delay before each show starts streaming.


Date: 2/5/2006
K-talk's secret capital hill correspondent "JR" chimes in national political issues that relate to Utah.  How is Utah viewed in Washingtion?  Does Mitt Romney have a chance at the U.S. Presidency?  Are Jim Matheson and Chris Cannon vulnerable in the upcoming elections?  Hillary Clinton, Iraq, and more.


Click HERE for the inside scoop on Orrin Hatch, Iraq and Hilary Clinton.


Click HERE for the inside scoop on Chris Cannon, Jim Matheson, and Mitt Romney.

HOWARD HUGHES & THE WILL: Was it Authentic?

Date: 5/20/2006
When Howard Hughes died in 1976 a handwritten, holographic will showed up mysteriously at LDS Church headquarters, in which Hughes devised 1/16 of his estate to the Mormon Church, 1/16 of his estate to the Boy Scouts of America, and 1/1/6 of his estate to a Mormon that picked him up hitchiking in Nevada in 1967 named Melvin Dummar.  It came to be known as the "Mormon Will."  Was it authentic?   A Nevada U.S. District court ruled it was a forgery in 1978, but new evidence, including testimony by old employees of Hughes and a book by an FBI agent involved in the case strongly suggest the will was authentic.  Did Melvin Dummar lose $156 million (almost $2 billion with interest today) because of corrupt Nevada courts, juror tampering and false evidence?  We interview Melvin Dummar himself below:


Click HERE for the Melvin Dummar interview, intended recipient of a portion of Howard Hughes' estate (loads after brief delay).


Article on the Will:


Date: 2/5/2006
Utah has a low crime rate overall, but has had its share of super-criminals, beginning in the 19th century with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to more recent criminals, including Ted Bundy, Mark Hofmann, possibly D.B. Cooper (McCoy), John Galanis (and perhaps even the Zodiac Killer).  Ted Bundy was one of America's worst serial killers.  Mark Hofmann, the infamous murder-forger who forged everything from Mormon documents to Americana to Egyptian papyrus to Emily Dickinson poems, and sold them to the LDS Church, Library of Congress, and museums (see specifically devoted show above).  The Zodiac killer in California had boots on from Hill Air Force base, and his crimes may incorporated twisted Mormon themes, such as the Mayan Zodiac from the Anthon Transcript.  John Galanis bankrupted four banks and made hundreds of millions in white collar investment schemes.  He was prosecuted by Rudolph Guliani in the 80's and given 27 years.  Richard Floyd McCoy, the famous airline skyjacker was from Utah (see specifically devoted shows above), and is believed by special agents in the D.B. Cooper investigation to have been one and the smae.


Ted Bundy:


Mark Hofmann:


Date: 6/10/2006
We interview D. Michael Quinn; Yale Ph.D., former history professor at BYU, and author of many books on Mormon history including Mormonism and the Magic World View, a controversial book that put him at odds with the Mormon Church, but which may be drawn from in Dan Brown's sequel to The DaVinci Code, coming out in 2007.  We also interview him about the new chapters of Mormon history being written in this decade.  Click HERE for the interview.

5/5/2005- We interview Ed Decker, producer of The Godmakers movies, made after his ex-communication by the Mormon church for repeated adultery.  Why was he involved with these slanderous films?  How does he respond to blatant falsities they contain (hint: he claims he didn't direct the false portions of the videos, and isn't responsible for their truth or lack of it).  Click HERE for the interview.  


Date: 12/10/2012
Hear interviews with Utahans who have accomplished amazing feats and who, in some cases, go unrecognized.  We intend this to be a running series and begin with Larry Scott, the two-time winner of the Mr. Olympia competition from 1965 - 1966 (also Mr. California, Mr. Idaho, Mr. America and Mr. Universe).  He is acquainted with Arnold Schwarzenegger and was leader of the bodybuilding world in the 1960s.  He discusses his career (and steroid use in the industry).  What is the mea culpa of Lance Armstrong?  Click HERE for the interview.  Hear also a follow up interview with steroid expert William Llewellyn, author of the authoritative work Anabolics, by clicking HERE.  Click HERE for inspirational words from another bodybuilding champ.


Date: 7/27/2006
Special thanks to the Utah Highway Patrol, Wasatch County and Summit County Sheriff's Offices for a job well done searching for the bodies of Catheryn and Steve Roundy in Strawberry Reservoir in November 2006.  Hear from Captain Doug McCleve, of the Utah Highway Patrol, by clicking HERE.  He commanded the dive team that recovered six bodies from the reservoir.


Hear our interview with Stephen Graham, co-founder of the Standard of Liberty Organization (, an educational corporation organized to "raise awareness of sexual activist movements overruning Christian's moral culture."  Click HERE for the interview.


We interview the head of the 21st Century Paul Revere Riders, a group of motorcyclers traveling the country protesting illegal immigration.  Click HERE for the interview. 


We interview Dave Pruden, Director of Evergreen International, an LDS funded non-profit group that seeks to rehabilitate homosexuals.  Click HERE for the interview.


Larry Howard, a member of Street Preachers' Fellowship is with us on the air discussing homosexuality, Click HERE for the interview.


Date: 5/9/2006
Did the Aztecs come from Utah?  We'll be exploring this possibility on a show in June, which is being taken seriously by some archeologists at UCLA, who believe the Aztecs had a map of the Great Salt Lake.  It is an important question not just for its historical implications, but also because Montezuma, the Aztec Emperor in 1519, allegedly hid his gold "in the North" to keep it from the Spanish Conquistador Cortez, and many historians speculate Utah may be its final resting place (and/or that the Aztecs may have originally mined it here).  The Ute Indian Chief Walkara purportedly gave the Mormons gold from a cave his ancestors had discovered now known as the lost Rhoades Mine (Wakara Lane near the University of Utah is named after Cheif Walkara).  This gold was used to fund construction of certain buildings in Salt Lake (the Angel Moroni on the Salt Lake City Temple was made from gold mined there).  See the links below for more information.



Date: 4/8/2006
Steve Rinehart often interviews candidates in local political races. 


Click HERE for the interview with Representative Stephen Sandstrom of District 58.  Click HERE for the John Jacob interview, republican challenger to Chris Cannon in the 3rd U.S. Congressional district.  Click HERE for the Sim Gill interview, Democratic nominee for District Attorney in Salt Lake County.  Click HERE for the Merril Cook interview, candidate for the 2nd U.S. Congressional District.  Click HERE for the Ken Sumsion interview, republican candidate in House District 56.  Click HERE for the Mark Jacobs interview, republican challenger to incumbent republican Sheryl Allen in House District 19.  Click HERE for the Alex Segura and Pete Moesser debate, moderated on K-Talk, who are competing for the republican nomination in House District 33 along with Andrew Parker, against Neil Hendrickson, incumbent democrat.  Click HERE for the Andrew Parker interview, with comments from Jim, the old republican nominee in the district in '94 and '96. 






Don't forget to attend your caucus meetings in March of every odd year.  Generally, only 10 - 50 people show up in each precinct.  You can run for delegate at the meeting, be elected, and have great say over who gets the Republican or Democratic nominations for all elected offices.


Date: 5/10/2006

The Kensignton Runestone, Burrows Cave and the Michigan Tablets (or relics) are among the most controversial archeological finds suggesting Pre-Columbian Old World contact.  We'll soon be doing a show on eleven unsolved ciphers of importance to Utah culture.  New evidence increasingly suggests that the Kensington Runestone, Heavener Runestone, and Bat Creek Inscription (plus the Anthon Transcript) are authentic and that the Kinderhook Plates, Voree Plates, Burrows Cave and Michigan Relics are frauds.  See below for more information.


The Anthon Transcript, the Bat Creek Inscription, the Heavener Runestone, the Kensington Runestone, the Burrows Cave, the Michigan Tablets (see also, two mesoamerican seals, the Jupiter Talisman, the Voree Plates, the Kinderhook Plates, the Lehi Stone, and the Venetian Plates.

Click HERE to download the PowerPoint presentation on these ciphers.


Date: 11/7/2006
Are prescription drugs over-prescribed nationally and in the State of Utah?  Do pyschotropic medications really work, or do they ruin lives?  Was Tom Cruise right about pyschology and anti-depressants?  We interview Alessandra Rain, author of Deeds of Trust, about her nonfiction account of her experience with pyschiatric medications.  She is co-founder of Label Me Sane (, an organization that fights the over-prescription of medication.  Click HERE for the interview.


Date: 2/24/2007
In what is probably the worst crime to take place in Utah since the Mountain Meadows Massacre, we discuss details of the Trolley Square Massacre the rest of the press won't tell you.  Was the murderer Talovic chanting in Arabic as he shot his randon victims?  Hear the audio recording of the shooting.  Did Talovic's family cover up evidence of a possible terrorist connection between him and the crime during the three days that passed before SLCPD asked for his computer and personal effects (at which time they were told there were none)?  See what an Arabic linguist and FBI agent thinks of the shooting:  Click HERE to listen to our show.


Date: 2/17/2007
In February 2007, filed a lawsuit against several large prime brokers seeking $3.5 billion in damages for their complicity in naked short selling schemes that have allegedly caused irreparable harm to Overstock's market capitalization,  We interview Overstock's Johnathon Johnson, III, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and their legal department about the lawsuit and naked shorting in general.  Here the interview by clicking HERE.  Shop at


Check back for upcoming shows on other Utah Corporations, including Browning and Energy Solutions, and important current events relating to those corporations.  Utah had a $1.5 billion dollar surplus in 2007.  Are Utah's extraordinarly high taxes hurting economic growth?  Despite its allegedly conservative legislature, Utah has (depending on the county) between the third and seventh highest taxes in the country.


Date: 12/31/2006
Hear a unique public speaking program featuring David and Maury Litwack, a  father and son duo that debate political issues in a humorous and enlightening fashion.  Both are from the D.C. area.  Both are active in politics, but David is a Democrat and Maury, a Republican. They call themselves the Red Son and Blue Father and when they speak it is Relatively Political.  Click HERE to hear the first segment of their Christmas debate, which we played on the air in December 2006.  Click HERE for the second, and HERE for the third.  To follow their  upcoming speaking engagements, radio appearances and view their monthly column see:


Date: 12/28/2006
Through a lot of phone calls and research, Rinehart discovered the very guarded location of Skinwalker Ranch, in Ballard, UT, south of Bottle Hollow.  For pictures of his trip and information click HERE.  Skinwalker Ranch is thought by many to be among the strangest, supposedly supernatural sites on earth.  Visit this link for info:, and here for the book:  To see the ranch on Google Earth, click here:,-109.888521&spn=0.002718,0.004989&t=k


Stay tuned for an upcoming show on Skinwalker Ranch, and other strange Utah vistas.  Rinehart is traveling the State of Utah photographing various sites for inclusion in a book he is writing.

SETI: New Finds?

Date: 8/15/2011
NASA was once involved in the SETI program.  Now it's run by the University of California Berkley.  Satellite dishes and antenae across the globe are marshalled into the program, scanning the skies for radio transmissions from other galaxies.  The founder of the program, Professor Eric Capella from UC Berkley, joins us live to discuss the past, present and future of SETI, including the Fermi paradox and Drake equation.  Have candidate signals been detected?  Here the interview HERE. He discusses the SETI@Home project, which is described here.  It takes advantage of the computing power of millions of computers over a distributed network volunteered world-wide to analyze distant radio transmissions for signs they are being sent by intelligent life in remote locations of the galaxy.  Eric talks about the program, the possibility it will find life, and the two most promising signals it has received, the Wow! signal and the Radio source SHGb02+14a signal.


Date: 4/4/2009

STARLITE: In the late 1980s, an amateur chemist in England name Maurice Ward claimed to have developed a type of insulation called Starlite which could withstand incredible heat -- up to 10,000 degrees centigrade.  It could protect a human hand from a blow torch, and keep an egg from burning when exposed to a fire for thirty minutes.  It was demonstrated on TV and tested by various government agencies.  Why wasn't it ever commercialized?  It is real?  Hear from the inventor, Maurice Ward, by clicking HERE.  YouTube videos of the substance are here, here and here.


Date: 7/6/2008
Recently, five Duke La Cross players were charged with raping a prostitute who had semen from five different men on her underwear, none of which were from the suspects.  What is the difference between rape and assault?  Should evidence of promiscuity be admissible in rape trials (to determine the trauma to a victim and as it relates to consent)?  Is there hypocrisy in liberals' efforts to remove laws based on puritanical beliefs from society (e.g. sodomy), except for in situations when those laws that benefit persons supportive of liberal agendas (e.g. sex workers)?  Utah has enacted hate crimes laws, as well as spousal rape laws.  Are Utah legislators chickening out when it comes to logical regulation of criminal statutes?  Laws are being proposed to outlaw transfat, plastic grocery bags.  Is this too much?  What is the role of the legislature in enacting criminal statutes?  Click HERE for the show.


Date: 2/14/2006

These are clips referenced in shows above and promised would be posted.

For liberal media montage one (4 minutes), click HERE.  

For liberal media montage two (6 minutes), click HERE.

For liberal media montage three (1 minute), click HERE (this one courtesy of the Sean Hannity show)

President Bush is a great President in many ways, but he makes his share of blunders on the podium.  Listen to 7 of the most humorous by clicking HERE.

Hear Democratic Senator and former Governor Zell Miller's 2004 RNC speech click HERE.

For more clips, visit the Media Research Center at:


Date: 7/11/2006
This section contains links to information discussed on the air, and promised to be posted on the site.


LA TIMES: What is happening to Christianity?


Click here for the greatest play ever made in professional baseball:


Here our interview with Josh Romney, Mitt Romney's son, about his father's Presidential race here: HERE


Get Free Legal Forms for any need:

Think you've never met a Mormon?  Think again:


Is the media honest?


Want to see what the producer of Scary Movie thinks of Democratic national security policies?  Click HERE.

Are you a vegetarian?  Is your dog is vegetarian?  Deaths from contaminated vegetables killed six times as many people in the U.S. in 2006 than deaths from contaminated meat.  Surgeons increasingly are considering vegetarianism a disqualifying health risk for elective surgeries.

In the mood for a video genuine and inspiring enough it may change the criteria by which you judge others?


What is wrong with the liberal world?  They are second-handers:


Date: 10/9/2006
Hear substitutes, like Trevor Bruford, in for the regular host. 


For podcasting, data backup, and misc. political by Trevor Bruford click HERE.

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